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Ambassador Programme


We are looking for small businesses to join our ambassador programme and showcase what Studio Beast is capable of. If you're a small business owner, and would like FREE access to Studio Beast, one-on-one mentorship, custom automations specific to your business, promotion to our mailing list and be a part of our community then keep reading!

What is Studio Beast?

You know what, that's genuinely a very difficult question. The answer is "kinda everything", put simply it's a platform designed to put all of your sales & marketing into #BeastMode, but it's much more than that. 

It also manages all of your customers, your bookings, reputation, funnels, social media, affiliates, and much more. Studio Beast is an all inclusive platform that can nurture your leads, convert them into bookings then help you build that all important repeat business.

The best bit? All of this can be automated, so what seems like an insurmountable amount of work for small businesses and solotrepreneurs can be taken care of without you having to lift a finger. Allowing you to focus on doing what you do

Why are we looking for ambassadors?

Studio Beast is a brand new platform, making its way in this world of enormous names (who we could frankly never compete with in term of marketing budget). Instead we want to build organically, and rather than shouting about what Studio Beast can do, we're going to show them.

Word of mouth is still the best marketing there is, so we want to work with wonderful businesses around the world. Who we can use as case studies and show the real-life impact that Studio Beast can make.

That' means we're going to go all out, and ensure you make the most of what Studio Beast has to offer:

Whats included:

Studio Beast Pro

Our all inclusive business management platform, with unlimited users and contacts - free of charge.

Custom Automations

Our team will create automations specific to you and your business. Design to generate revenue and save you time.

Content Creation

We want to demonstrate how Studio Beast can have a massive impact on the businesses using it, as part of this our team may visit your business in person to create videos & other promotional material that you can use.


Each Studio Beast ambassador will receive 3 months worth of free business mentorship from our founder. This will be via fortnightly zoom call.

Custom Templates

You will receive custom email and SMS templates, based around your brand to sell your product or service.

Earn Money

Help spread the word about Studio Beast and earn revenue from each person who signs up using your code.

Are you ready to become a #BusinessBeast?

Who is eligible?

It's not about revenue, it's about quality - so if you're dedicated to providing the best service to your customers. Would be happy to be used as a case studio, and help spread the word about Studio Beast then we want to hear from you!

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